Our founders realized that the sports landscape in Africa presents what could be considered a "paradox" for marketing professionals, as much as Africa is recognized as being endowed with potential, talent and a dense sports activity, the field of "sports marketing" taken as a whole was almost ‘’empty " of any structured professional occupation.

Besides South Africa and the Maghreb, very few agencies exist in the field of sports marketing, which leaves the field open to "opportunists" without any long-term support logic for sports actors or companies using sport as a lever for building their brand.
This leaves companies without any real professional support to carry out their actions in this field.

In order to help brands, states, institutions, federations, clubs and sportsmen and women develop their reputation, image and additional income via marketing techniques, precepts, levers and strategies adapted to the sports ecosystem, PSO has opened offices in Douala (2009), Casablanca (2017) and Kigali (2019), and has partner agencies in some twenty countries in Africa.



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