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Image management advice for sportsmen and women

We draw up a Human Branding strategy based on Brand Essence from marketing tools and levers, in order to build the image and reputation of the athlete as a commercial and institutional brand.

  Enabling the new Human Brand to generate a sympathy rating in order to monetize this new capital with commercial and institutional companies via an Endorsement. As well as developing an offer of derivative products around the sportsman

Sports management

AJARA NJOYA, professional footballer and star striker of the Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon.

Gabrielle Aboudi ONGUENE

professional footballer and star striker of the Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon.


PSOFOOT brand activation material

P.S.O has one of the most efficient and innovative football activation material on the African and North American market. 

Composed of several kits of ludic and didactic animation around the football, one finds there the:

Tennis ball, Football dart, Penalty target, Penalty Speed, Foot Five, Foot One to One, Freestyle Foot, Foot Bowling, Foot Slalom, Foot Curling, Foot Billiard

With PSOFOOT, organize activations around your brand in accordance with the universe and values of football

Our different products around PSOFOOT that can help you boost your brand.


  • To further build your brands, S.O. has a SPORT TECHNOLOGY offer that can bring a sparkle and an exceptional dimension to your events.

VOGO SPORT: A technological solution that allows you to review the actions of a match from your phone by activating REVIEW, STOP, SLOW MOTION, or ZOOM to better appreciate the actions of the match. The VOGO solution is the spectator's VAR.

ARCHE: A technological solution in virtual reality allowing to animate in an extraordinary and unique way the opening and closing ceremonies of sports events

Business sport


ABSC – Africa Business Sport Club

Plateforme d'affaires réunissant des passionnés de sport et des investisseurs passionnés par l'Afrique et la découverte, autour d'événements sportifs organisés en Afrique, afin de se mettre en réseau et de nouer des partenariats.


promotes win-win partnerships by putting you in contact with African business partners with knowledge of the field, thus allowing you to accelerate your establishment and your development.


Enable sports, business and Africa lovers, holders of an Africa Business Sport Club (ABSC) membership card, to benefit from our interactive ecosystem. In order to build their business network and stimulate partnerships/business, while building Africa.


People with a passion for sport and business in the sectors of agribusiness, import-export, agriculture (cocoa, coffee, bananas, tea), minerals, transport, energy, distribution, finance, banking, insurance, telecommunications, technology, tourism, health, media, luxury, industry, automotive, real estate, construction, etc.

As well as in the world of sport, sports marketing agencies, federations, professional leagues, sports confederations, etc.

as well as public institutions.

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1- Networking company

2- Business breakfast

3- Dinner meeting

4- Company picnic

5- Company visit

6- After work

7- Tourism

8- Social events


Friendly matches of top African teams on FIFA dates

- African Cup of Nations

- African Football Championship of Nations


- African Cup of Nations Handball, Volleyball

- Athletics Meeting

- African Games

- Football World Cup

- Olympic Games

- Etc.

P.S.O. can help you with the idea, the conception and the realization of your sports events. P.S.O. also designs sports events to meet your brand issues, search for notoriety, image and Fan Experience concept.


As an expert agency in the field of sports hospitality, P.S.O offers a wide range of VIP services, which you can enjoy during the biggest sporting events.

P.S.O. is the best value in hospitality and offers an unrivalled quality of service as well as a very complete range of services (tennis matches, football, rugby, horse racing, golf, basketball, etc.)

The PSO HOSPITALITY offer is focused on several sports disciplines. It combines premium service and a unique brand experience.

You''ll find the VISIT of the sports venues, major COMPETITION, premium LODGE, 5 star CARTERING service, PERSONALITY of the world sport, GIFTS souvenirs in connection with the sports event


- Roland Garros

- JAPOMA/CHAN 2020 Stadium


- STADE de France

- French Golf Open

- Cameroon Golf Open



P.S.O guides you through the idea, design and implementation of your sports events. - P.S.O also designs sports events that respond to your brand issues, search for notoriety, image and Fan Experience concept.

CMR-Egypte. Finale. 05fev2017 (6)


FanZone management, management of hospitality boxes

– Management of press conferences

– Support in the development of MTN ELITE ONE (2009-2010-2011)

– Establishment of the MAN OF THE MATCH award



Cameroon International Golf Op

Support to the Cameroon Golf Federation for the launch of the first Cameroon National Golf Championship

      – Support to the Cameroon Golf Federation for the launch of the International Golf Open

     – Creation of the logo for the International Golf Openen

Open des Rois Bamoun during the 20 years of Sultan Mbombo NJOYA’s throne

Corporate golf tournament played in each country and ending with a FINAL TOUR in an African country

Cyclisme 2


  1. CAMEROON CYCLING TOUR 2016 and 2017 editions
  2. GRAND PRIX CHANTAL BIYA 2016 and 2017 editions
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